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rug hooking

Rug Hooking Resources: Websites, Links, Supplies, Information, Books

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Rug Hooking Supplies

Teachers and design houses often carry rug hooking supplies, but here are a few of the best suppliers:

Resources - Rug Hooking Websites, Articles & Information

This sections lists rug hooking magazines, informative articles, guilds, galleries and other comprehensive resources to guide you in the craft and art of hooked rugs.


Books & Bibliography - Our Reviewed Favorites

Please find here a list of books that we have reviewed that we feel will be most helpful, informative and inspiring in supporting your journey into the world of rug hooking and hooked rugs.

Contemporary Rug Hooking:

Color and Color Theory:

Dye Books:

Antique Rugs:

Florals & Fruit:

Pictorials & Other Books:

& On a Personal Note:

Miscellanea & Addenda

This sections lists things we might have otherwise forgotten or websites we like that didn't fit into any of the other above categories.

rug hooking

About the image for the logo on this page: Jewel Stretch Tumbling Blocks - 46" x 32" - hand dyed wool on burlap - hooked rug by Sandra Brown. A traditional quilt geometric, this hooked rug was begun with only two colors - the red and teal. All the others were added one by one to allow the entire piece to develop organically as a study in color. Each hue was dipped into its complement, not black, to achieve the darkened effect on the end. See Dye Workshops for information on dyeing with complements, and Geometric Workshop for information on designing this and other kinds of geometric rugs.
rug hooking craft supplies

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